The Digiverse & Flying to the Other Side of the Planet

Obviously, there hasn’t been much going on in my blogger head lately.  Most of my energy has gone into conference preparations.  I’m just back from the ICE conference in Illinois, where I delivered a brand new keynote for their luncheon.  There was double pressure there, being a new address and having to compete with the chocolate cake desert that had been layed out before my audience.

I’ve also been working hard to adapt another keynote to an international audience, the iCTLT (International Conference on Teaching & Learning with Technology).  This annual conference is organized by the Singapore Ministry of Education and ISTE.  Although most of the delegates will be English speakers, there are many cultural considerations in presenting in Singapore, where the population is of Chinese, Malay, and Indian origins.  Selecting colors alone is an issue — and I’m a bit handicapped by Prezi’s limited pallets.

I continue to be baffled by where I am — sitting at RDU, taking off at 2:00PM on Sunday and then landing in Singapore at 8:00AM on Tuesday.  So much of my life simply “..goes against the grain.”  It’s getting to be time for a house in the country with a garden — and broadband.

I’ve actually started a number of blog entries over the last few days, but not enough time to finish them out.  Just so you’ll have some reason for having invested this much time already in reading this diary, here are some bulleted stats I found yesterday from an IDC report that I often cite in my presentations.  These are mostly projections made by the report, published in 2008. 

  • The information of the digital universe will grow six fold between 2006 and 2010.
  • 70% of the information in the digital universe will be generated by individuals
  • Image captured by digital still cameras in 2006 exceeded 150 billion, while cell phone captured images hit almost 100 billion.  IDC projects that 2010 will see more than 500 billion consumer captured images being

Each of these pieces of information speak volumes for what and hour our children should be learning today.

7 thoughts on “The Digiverse & Flying to the Other Side of the Planet”

  1. David,

    Just remember to have the broadband installed in your country home. Me and the OpenStudy team enjoy your posts too much for you to step away from the game. Looking forward to those unfinished ones as well. Have a good one.


  2. I can’t believe the rate that the digital universe is growing at! It’s staggering! This shows how important it is that educators become tech literate so that they can communicate with their students in our technology centered world.

  3. Hi,
    The rate of digital universe is growing day by day. I completely agree with you. it is necessary to educate a teacher so, that they can easily and effectively communicate with their students. You have highlight good points here. Thank for sharing such an amazing post. Keep it up.

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  4. The digital universe is like the ocean or the cosmos. You can only marvel and wonder at it, and enjoy a minute corner of it. I find that if I get “serious” about understanding “it” I get overwhelmed. Yet if I plunge into the infinity of it, following my passions and my intuitions, I find knowledge, communities, individuals, personal inspiration, people to help. This happens spontaneously. The digiverse guides you and you seem to explode into new universes of beauty, of fun or of knowledge. So this is my advocacy for a right-brain approach to this amazing phenomenon.

  5. ‘So much of my life simply “..goes against the grain.” It’s getting to be time for a house in the country with a garden — and broadband.’

    Yes, there needs to be a balance between travel and quality processing time at home. I hope you find a happy medium occasionally.

    One recent conference I attended in Toronto was filled with motivating speakers like yourself. It was called “The Art of Marketing.” There were themes applicable for teachers and students as they look to future developments on the Internet. I had the good fortune to listen to Seth Godin and a host of others….

  6. Mr. Warlick,

    I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to speak to peers and keep them engaged wheather or not they are eating chocolate cake! Props to you for making it through, I would have been a wreck. It always amazes me at how quick technology changes, but six fold in four years! WOW!! I’ve always believed that technology is driven by the demand of the human population, and because we all want our lives to be a little faster and a little more convenient, we are always begging inventors for something bigger and better then what we have now. I always wonder if we will ever reach a point as a society, and say, enough is enough, our lives couldn’t possibly get any simpler.

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