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Questions about Web 2.0 @ NECC

It’s breakfast time in Washington, and my regular bagel place is closed. Bummer! Having a coffee and an entirely unsatisfying bagel — no hole.

I’m curious about the channels through which tech-savvy attendees at NECC are using for network learning at and around the National Educational Computing Conference.

So I’ve set up my first Google Form, tied to a spreadsheet, and I want to invite you to spend just a couple of minutes answer some questions about the tools you’re using.

Thanks in advance!


  • Cathy Brophy

    This is the first conference I’ve used twitter, and I’ve used my smartphone almost exclusively once I leave my hotel..laptop too bulky. There are pros and cons, however. Laptop is better…but heavier. Time for a netbook!You cna find me on twitter @brophycat

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  • Nancy Caramanico

    I hope that conference connectivity is good.

  • Rodney Richard

    I liked your beginning with the definition of technology. Being a middle school technology education teacher (the old shop class),I and many others in the state of Maine have had long discussions about a name change because so many people automatically think of computers when hearing the word technology.

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