A Father’s Poem

It slaps you in the face
     The unconditional love
     That can not be compared.
And for your second child
     It is so unfair.
How can you love
     As much as your first?
Only to discover it rushing through you
     Like a wave
     With no beginning and no finishing.

It is not like the love for your parents
     Which you test
     As you size yourself up.
Nor the love for your wife
     Which you chose
     For the magical smile,
     The nod,
     Those electric eyes…
And how, when you love the same movies
     For different reasons,
     It makes you more and safe.

The love for your children
     Glows and grows.
It has
     No texture,
     No seam,
     No boundary.
It is in what you don’t say
     What you protect
     Like a perfect flower
     With a perfect blend of colors.

You want to know?
     Just look at how
     I look at you!

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2 thoughts on “A Father’s Poem”

  1. My Dad never loved me like this. But I have come to know this love as I see my husband with his sons, now both taller than he is, but still looking up to him. Thanks for sharing.

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