Coming Back to School

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I’d planned to title this entry, “Happy Vacation.”  But it is not about vacation that I want to ask you.  That said, here in Raleigh, the school year ends this week, with thousands of high schoolers graduating and going out into an uncertain but possibility-rich world.

Many of you will pack-up your classrooms and go home.  You will relax your teacher muscles and deal with the everyday issues, independent of the unique and demanding service of teaching.

You’re going to want to forget about the classroom — and you should.  But come July and early August, you will start to plan and re-plan, experiment and re-experiment, and get back into service-mode.  By that time, I HOPE to have something available to make that sort of visioning a little more fun.

For now, just to keep you focused, I want to ask, “When you return to your classroom (or other edu-workplace), what do you wish will be there that wasn’t there this school year?

You can either provide an extended answer here, or a short one on Twitter, hash tagged classwish (#classwish).

When you return to your classroom in August, what do you wish will be there, that wasn’t there this year? Please include #classwish in your answers.

Here is a link to the Twittered replies.

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3 thoughts on “Coming Back to School”

  1. #classwish Since we are moving our high school to a new building over the summer here is what I WISH will be available in late August.
    – My smartboard and data projector are installed and fully functional.
    – The cart of 30 Macbooks for my dept. have been imaged and are all in working order to be used by teachers and students Day 1.
    – All of the boxes that I have packed and so carefully labeled have found their way to my new classroom.
    – Finally, I wish that all teachers and students arrive well rested and ready to tackle another academic year!!!

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