Duncan Testimony…

Education Secretary Arne Duncan testifying before the House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor

Some how, the outreach folks with the House Committee on Education & Labor have found me and have been forwarding information related to the issues they are considering.  Yesterday, they sent the following web links related to Secretary Duncan’s testimony before the committee.  I have only watched Chairman Honorable George Miller’s opening remarks, but plan to sneak in as much of the rest today and tomorrow.  Well, that and finish preparing for tomorrow morning’s virtual keynote for the Webheads.

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3 thoughts on “Duncan Testimony…”

  1. David,

    The testimony is linked from the individual witnesses’ names. So if you click on Sec. Duncan’s name, it will open a new window with a PDF of his testimony.

    And I found you via the Edublog awards. 😉


    Mike Kruger
    Online Outreach Specialist
    House Committee on Education and Labor

  2. Two things that stuck out for me in Duncan’s presentation, was http://is.gd/BNF1 and http://is.gd/BNFn … (In my district we are at just about at a $6 million encroachment on the general fund for Special Education, …and our Governor is talking about shortening the school year, not lengthening it, to offset the $21 Billion budget deficit…)

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