Hearing on “The Obama Administrations Education Agenda”

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I got this one in this morning as well, Arne Duncan’s testimony on Capital Hill.  I can not find that the hearing will be aired on C-Span, but I’d love to see what he says. 

So let me ask you,

“If you were a member of House Education and Labor Committee, what questions would you ask our Secretary of Education?”

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5 thoughts on “Hearing on “The Obama Administrations Education Agenda””

  1. I can tell you from personal experience that Education Secretary Arne Duncan does want to hear what educators have to say. I was very lucky to have him visit my school in Vermont last week. We asked him about funding, testing, keeping good teachers, and merit pay. I found him to be very genuine and open to questions. His staff told me he has an e-mail where you can submit questions: AskArne@ed.gov
    You can read my reflections on his visit at my blog: http://principalofchange.wordpress.com/

    1. Must have been disappoint 😉 Read “The Bad News

      According to Krueger, both houses had settled on a billion dollars for ed tech, after CoSN and ISTE recommended 10 billion — as a starter. However, somehow, after the House of Representatives and the Senate had agreed on that sum, education technology got paired down to $650 million — which takes us back into the range of Bush era funding levels. Equipping our classrooms, teachers, and students with contemporary information and communication technologies got sacrificed.

      It is depressing to realize, that even under the best of leadership, there remains a coercive and corrosive element of greed, complacency, entitlement, smoke-screen values issues, and astounding short sightedness.

      For me, it seems that one of the most indicative symptoms of what ails our education system is the atrocious dropout high school dropout rate. I’d have to ask Duncan what the Obama Administration believes would solve that problem and what the Education Department is going to do to make it happen?

  2. Here are responses I received on Twitter:

    1. Kirsten Holland — How best to redirect traditional curr benchmarks to more focal based, catering for a wider variety of studentsabout 8 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to dwarlick

    2. Kristin Fontichiaro — Q for Duncan: Miami spent $100M on pilot to extend schl day & yr. Didn’t work. You want longer days/year. ??? http://bit.ly/12iHxmabout 12 hours ago from web

    3. Travis Hardert — How/why r we held captive 2 standardized testing? When will there b more $$$ tagged for gifted ed? Is year round school possible?about 13 hours ago from Twittelator in reply to dwarlick

    4. John Woodring — When is the Obama Administration going to retool NCLB? Also, why are you going to cut funding for EdTech?about 17 hours ago from UberTwitter in reply to dwarlick

    5. Steve J. Moore — Dear Arne, how do you think tenure in the school will change over the next decade as merit pay plays a growing role in teaching?about 17 hours ago from web in reply to dwarlick

    6. Skip Zilla — Does Arne like mustard on his burger? Or is ketchup what he commonly uses?about 17 hours ago from web in reply to dwarlick

    7. Hope Myers — How do we balance the need for the technological infusion in the classroom with a contraction in the economy?about 17 hours ago from twhirl in reply to dwarlick

    8. jefftrudell — Why are schools that make AYP, but may be struggling financially limited to may federal grants?about 17 hours ago from Nambu in reply to dwarlick

    9. animated_me — I would ask if he knew that studies show well staffed and funded school libraries raise achievement.about 17 hours ago from web in reply to dwarlick

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