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Day One of ThinkQuest Judging

I took this one out the plane window

It has been a long time since I was involved directly with ThinkQuest.  My one sentence definition was, and still is,

ThinkQuest is a project that has students collaborating in teams to create a web site that is designed to help other students learn something.

The project has changed in both small and large ways, as one would expect.  It isn’t the old Internet any more.  The only comment I would make right here about my judging experiences is that we train our students very well to complete assignments.  I’ll probably expound on that later.

The best part is some amazing people I am working with, most of whom are old hands at TQ judging.  They mostly know each other and seem well attuned to the various accents — a particular problem for me because of hearing difficulties. 

The best part of the judging is being able to post comments back to the team members, explaining what they have done well and what they’ve missed.  I feel very much like a teacher.

Photos are shots I’ve taken over the area where I’m staying and working, with one picture from the window of the plane flying over the west.

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Photo taken by Ewan McIntosh in a Taxi in Shanghai

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