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Screen Shot of IJLMI’m probably a bit late with this, and only have a few minutes, but I got this news release this morning (5:15AM GMT+3) and am very excited about the potentials.  I got the link from MIT Press Journals intern, Johna Picco, announcing IJLM, The International Journal of Learning and Media.  Here is a snipit from the release and a link.

MIT Press, in cooperation with The Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE), is pleased to announce the publication of the first issue of The International Journal of Learning and Media (IJLM). A first of its kind, the journal is devoted to examining the intersection of media and learning in multiple contexts… Facebook | The MIT Press

The first issue includes the following titles and more:

  • Learning: Perring Backward and Looking for Forward in the Digital Era
  • Childhood: Changing and Dissonant Meanings
  • Why Virtual Worlds Can Matter
  • Let Everyone Play: An Educational Perspective on Why Fan Fiction is, or Should Be, Legal

I cant’ wait…  Read it here.

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