Headed East

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I am sitting, once again, in the Raleigh Durham airport, waiting for preferred boarding of a small American Airlines commuter jet.  It will be a quick flight to New York’s JFK, where I’ll find a locker for my luggage and spend the rest of the day with my youngest brother.  He plans a trip out to Coney Island.  I hope there are no rides in the plans.  I dislike experiences that challenge my center of gravity.

Then I board a Qatar Airways flight to Doha.  They reportedly have chefs on their flights — and a fully equipped gym.  They are a “five star” airline, and there are no U.S. airlines in that category.

Landing tomorrow evening and being whisked to some Dutch (or Danish) hotel called the Moevenpick.  I’ll have all day Monday to get acclimated to the warmer temperature — not to mention continue planning for my workshop, and then three days with Qatari educators in Education City, part of that country’s program reinvest in its people.  QC includes branches (so to speak) of Virginia Commonwealth University, Weill Cornell Medical College, Texas A&M University, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown University, and Northwestern University.  I’ll be working with teachers of the K-12 schools, including The Learning Center, “..for students who have average or above average potential but have experienced academic problems.”

I’ll also get to spend a morning with educators at Julie Lindsay’s school, Qatar Academy, having a conversation with their 21st Century Learning group.  That should be fun and enlightening.  I ALWAYS learn from international educators.

Anyway, almost time to board.  Will be back on line in a few (dozen) hours.

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  1. Welcome to Qatar David! I think you will find it is not that warm yet…but warmer than where you have come from I suppose. Really looking forward to seeing you this week and showing you around Doha.

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