Can you Concept Me?

By way of Stephen Downes’ connection (Live Bloggings at DevLearn) to the live bloggings from DevLearn, I linked over to

Clark Quinn’s Concept map [click to enlarge]

Clark Quinn’s Concept Map of a presentation by Tim O’Reilly.  Looking at his map, I found myself wondering of someone, watching one of my conference presentations might be able to record their notes via a concept map.

I purposely try to organize my presentations around three (or four if forced to) foundation elements, a structure to hang the concepts and skills from.  But delivery is an entirely different thing.  Perhaps I might provide, in the online handouts, a link to some concept mapping services, and suggest that audience members use them for their notes.

On a similar note, I tried something the other day during one of my presentations for the 1st Annual Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) held by the Education Service Center 11 in Texas (not sure where that is geographically).  I wanted the 60 or so virtual attendees to understand the experience of cooperative information environments. 

Drawing made by about sixty participants from via the network

We were using Eluminate as the presentation platform, so as I was talking about these information landscapes, I used my mouse to roughly draw two eyes on the whiteboard.  Then I turned the whiteboard over to the attendees and said, “Ya’ll finish the drawing.” 

There was only a slight hestiation, but with more and more people shoving their mice around, drawing lines and swirls, the image grew.  I stopped it after about ten seconds.

The activity exceeded my expectations — and that doesn’t happen everyday.

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