RDU New!

I’m sitting in the new terminal at RDU and it is fancy.  Very open, lots of wood (imported from Canada), and much more business-friendly than before.  There are rows of seats.  But the center of the concourse features modules of seats, situated around blackish marble looking tables.  Just beneath the tables are power outlets.  There are also USB outlets, I assume for cell phones, but could be wrong. 

There doesn’t appear to be any free Wifi.  The Admirals Club has a router, but I was unable to connect to it.  From my days past, as a member of Admirals Club, the WiFi they had was T-Mobile.  I would expect RDU to have free WiFi.

And just behind me is a Brueggers Bagels.  They’re not open yet, but I’ll never fly U.S. Airways again.

Anyway, on my way to Seattle, where I’ll do a Second Life thing from the hotel room this afternoon, work at the Seattle Academy tomorrow, and then T+L on Thursday.  I’m tired already.

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