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The other day, I received an e-mailed announcement for a new social network.

E-Gads~ Another one!

Picture of CreateDebate Web SiteBut as I read through it I became increasingly intrigued by CreateDebate.  It works like this:

  1. A debate question is introduced by a registered user.
  2. People write compelling arguments supporting one side of the question or the other.
  3. People vote on the arguments, pointing up or pointing down.
  4. The graph to the right indicates the voting on the arguments, rather than a simple yes or no.

Those are the steps that I sent back to founder, Bryan Orme, to check my understanding, and he responded…

Your understanding of the site is correct.  There are a lot more features (embedding evidence, allies/enemies, etc) but you have captured very well the basic essence of CreateDebate.

Here is another blurb from Bryan’s initial e-mail.

CreateDebate is a new social community that launched on April 28, 2008. At the most basic level, CreateDebate is a social tool designed to help groups of people sort through issues, viewpoints, and opinions in an organized manner, so that better decisions can be made. CreateDebate thrives on ideas, discussion and democracy. CreateDebate2008 was developed through a partnership with Vote Smart, the leading nonprofit provider of candidate information, to provide access to abundant, accurate, and relevant candidate information through the CreateDebate platform.

You can read the formal press release at

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