Major Problems with Blog

I’m sitting in the keynote event now, paying attention to the happenings around me, and trying to rescue my blog at the same time.  After I enjoy James Surowiecki, I’ll head back up to my room to continue working on the blog.  Great intro video play with and nice music.  I can’t leave it alone, with 2? wimpering.  So I’ll be rudely typing while watching and listening.  So sorry for the folks sitting around me.

Warning messageHere’s the problem.  At some point, for some reason, Google detected malware on a blog page, and stored that little tid bit of info way.  This shouldn’t be a problem since it’s not found anything in the last several weeks.  However, Firefox 3.0 has a new Malware security feature that, when you load a page, checkes Google to see any malware has been detected in the past 90 days.  If it finds one, then it fashes the warning you see on the right.

Since there doesn’t seem to be a way to remove this reference from Google until the 90 days are up, I am trying to move 2? Worth to a new location,  For folks who are having no problems at all — users of browsers other than Firefox 3.0 — I’m going to add a redirect.  So there shouldn’t be any disruption — I hope.  This shouldn’t disrupt RSS feeds at all.

Anyway, getting back to the work.

Thanks for your patience.

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