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Jeep Briones with his Ukulele
Jonathan 'Jeep' Briones with his Ukulele
Lovely Hula Hands
First two stanzas of 'Lovely Hula Hands'
This is perhaps one of the most interesting and practical uses of a blog that I’ve seen.  It’s author, Jonathan “Jeep” Briones, walked up to me, during the EdTech conference in Honolulu, told me that he had a blog called Jeep and asked how to get more people to come and read it.  I gave him my standard line, “You have to become part of the conversation.”  “Find other people who are blogging about the same things, read them, comment on their blogs, and then be sure to include a link to your blog.”

Chords Included in the blog
A PDF of the ukulele chords are included in the blog
As it turns out, Jeep was the sound guy for my keynote, and as we were talking later, he mentioned that his blog was designed to help people learn to play the ukulele.  I was intrigued then.  Each post is a different song that he helps you learn to play.  It includes an mp3 file of him playing and singing the song (Jeep has a fantastic voice) and a pdf file with the words and cords.  So you listen and play along, as if we was there with you.   But he isn’t, so you aren’t embarrassed when you make a mistake.

There is also a link in the side bar to another pdf that displays an Ukulele cord chart, so you can figure out how to play the chords.  It’s all you need, delivered through a free piece of software.  Brilliant in its simplicity and use of information. 

Now if only I could figure out how to string this thing…
Me and My Uk

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