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Picture of GraphA while back, I wrote about Google’s charting API, which enables us to create basic graphic visualizations of data and then generate a URL that will display the graph in our blogs, wikis, or web pages.  I’d had to post a warning at the top of the article stating that, “This post rates pretty high on the geek index.”

This morning, I ran across some work by software developer Jon Winstanley.  Jon has taken the rather dense coding involved in the Google API and wrapped a fairly intuitive form around it, enabling us to generate graphs by filling in the inputs.  He calls it, Google Chart Generator.

You’ll have to play with it a bit to get the hang of the form elements, and you will definitely want to spend some more time with the color selections — than I did.

The tool then generates the editable Google code, that, when pasted into your web page (wiki or blog), will generate the graph, and an uneditable code link to the image, for display in your web page.

Another, similar service, which I found a little more friendly, was Bernie Thompson’s (LeanCode) CHARTPART Google Chart API and Chart Generator Tool.

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