Upcoming Shortage of Laptop Batteries

A darker side of a flattening world has raised it head, as a major producer of laptop batteries in South Korea recently caught fire.

Dell said on Tuesday the personal-computer industry was experiencing a shortage of laptop batteries partly because of a recent fire at a major supplier, but the company was working with other suppliers to limit any price increases.

Factory fire blamed for laptop battery shortage – BizTech – Technology ((“Factory Fire Blamed for Laptop Battery Shortage.” The Sydney Morning Herald 26 Mar 2008 26 Mar 2008. http://tinyurl.com/34kla5.))

I remember, a few years ago, when a fire in a chip plant caused huge price increases for memory chips. I’m not sure what this means, within the context of this blog and it readers, except that a global economic is going to face new global challenges.

Of course there is a certain amount of irony in a factory fire that affects computer battery supplies. [Image Citation ((Lin, Yu-Jie. “Battery.” Livibetter’s Photostream. 8 Dec 2006. 26 Mar 2008 <http://flickr.com/photos/livibetter/316918412/>.))]

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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Shortage of Laptop Batteries”

  1. The shortage is important for those who use a laptop with no cord attached – sadly, I see too many people wip out the cord and suck power when they could use battery.

  2. This is impt only if one uses the laptop with no power cord — far too many never seem to unlease the laptop from the wall!

  3. I’d say that there is a LOT of irony in a factory fire that affects computer battery supplies! That’s exactly the first thing that I thought of. I’m sure that it was caused by a pile of oily rags or some electrical short, but it would be sweeter irony if someone in the offices had a laptop that melted down!

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