Niel McLean Keynote at NAACE

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Niel McLean of BECTA
Niel McLean, of Becta, is talking about what technology is doing for students. He makes a point about how traditionally we have seen boys work in bursts, while girls seem to move through their learning fairly steadily. However, when ICT is involved in the learning experience, boys tend to become more steady with their activity.

People often say, we’ve been here before, with television, etc. People have used it as an argument that ICT will not follow through with the revolution. However, TV did fulfill it promise in that it impacted on what children expect from their childhood experience.

Now this is a theme I’ve heard several times, while here at this conference, demand-side empowerment. From the perspecitive of assessment, it means making assessment part of the learning process and making it personal. There are questions that learners ask that we have traditionally not answered well. The include:

  • Why suhould I learn this?
  • What can I learn about?
  • How could I study it?
  • How will I learn it?
  • How do we know I’ve learned it?
  • where will it get me?

Empowering learners is a phrase that he is using pretty regularly. Part of it is universal access, which, he says is doable. They could provide it in three years. Another part is the safety issues, which is coming up here in Torquay more than I expected it to.

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