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I’m sitting in the opening session of the NAACE conference in Torquay, England. On my way over to the Riviera Convent Centery, I ran into Ewan Macintosh, which was a wonderful surprise. The first person we saw, entering the hall, was Terry Freedman. So I’m among friends, and making new ones.

The keynote is being delivered via Second Life, and actually quite effectively. This very intriging show is being delivered by Jim Knight, Minister of State for Schools and Learners,. There is a video screen in the middle of the virtual hall for viniettes about embedding ICT. The only weakness is that there are only three people in the virtual audience. That said, this took a lot of courage.

In one of the viniettes, someone predicted that in 10 years, we’ll have schome, a blend of school and home. The speaker was logged out for a moment, but returned to inteview the manager of a learning space that is being used to acquaint teachers with the possibilities of Second Life.


You can learn more about the virtual environment where this keynote address from the Learn 4 Life space. Here’s a blog post about the keynote.

Professor John NaughtonThe current speaker is Professor John Naughton, and he is drawing extensively from Niel Postman. He’s making an interesting point about our shift from information scarce environments to information abundant environment. He says that our mistake has been to think of information as an economy. It’s why, with the rise of broadcast TV, it was predicted that TV would wipe out Radio. He says that it may be much more helpful to think of the information environment as an eco-system. It does a much better job of handling the complexities of the information landscape.

He says…

A new organism has invated the ecosystem, and the older organisms are having to adapt.

Noughton mentions a presentation he saw for the NY Library Council where Lee Rainie describe six new realities for today’s youngsters. I found the powerpoint used by Rainie to get the correct text of hte realities.

6 new realities in the life of digital natives and what they mean for them and for you

  • Reality 1
    Media and gadgets are ubiquitous parts of everyday life
  • Reality 2
    New gadgets allow them to enjoy media and carry on communication anywhere
  • Reality 3
    The internet is at the center of the revolution
  • Reality 4
    Multi-tasking is a way of life – and people live in a state of “continuous partial attention”
  • Reality 5
    Ordinary citizens have a chance to be publishers, movie makers, artists, song creators, and story tellers
  • Reality 6
    Everything will change even more in coming years

Rainie, Lee. “Digital Natives.” Metro New York Library Council. Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn. 27 Oct 2006.

“The Internet is not a fire hose.  It’s a bean stalk.”  A useful visual.

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