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Setting up for TED2008
Borrowed from the TED Blog, It's time for TED
I’m sitting in a warm hotel room in Columbia, Missouri, where the 2008 eMINTS Winter Conference will be starting in less than two hours. I flew in to St. Louis last night and then drove the two hours down I70 to the conference center and Marriott hotel. It was a real treat to get up and have the entire morning to prepare for my afternoon workshop. We’ll be exploring the new collaborative tools and their impact on teaching and learning.

I was lucky enough to have run across Scott Weidig’s morning VanishingPoint entry about a similar workshop he attended yesterday at the IL-TCE conference near Chicago. In that article, Scott included a number of questions that he would like to have explored more deeply in that workshop — which gave me, what feels like, a head start with today’s group, not to mention a serendipitous collaboration story. His questions are now part of the leading questions I’d planned to start with.

It’s almost time to get ready and walk down to the conference. But I want to make mention of the fact that there are currently four pretty exciting conferences being tracked by Hitchhikr. eMINTS will get underway in minutes. NCCE, the gigantically rich conference in the northwest, serving Oregon, Washington, and Idaho is in its second day. Not much needs to be said about IL-TCE, one of the most Web 2.0 oriented events of the year. Perhaps the one we’ll be talking about for many months to come is TED2008. There’s an interesting post on TEDBlog about preparations. It would be such a fun conference to attend.

Wish me luck today!

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