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newsobserver.com | Dropout rate, suspensions on rise in N.C.:

North Carolina high school students are dropping out in increasing numbers despite more efforts to keep them in school, prompting frustrated education leaders to call for raising the minimum dropout age from 16 to 18.

This is the opening paragraph of a story that appeared in today’s News & Observer, our Raleigh daily newspaper. The subcaption of the article’s title is, “Educators call on General Assembly to raise dropout age from 16 to 18 as they seek answers.” I have enormous respect for the state’s superintendent, June Atkinson — and know, first hand, that the Department of Public Instruction and school districts across the state are going to heroic efforts to solve this potentially devasting problem — within almost inpenetrable constraints.

But we all know that you can’t legislate a solution.

The solution is in our classrooms where we continue to school our children rather than prepare them for their future. Where, outside of school and in their future, are people spending all day doing…

OR This

OK! OK! I’m not saying they shouldn’t be reading books or writing on paper. But too often, TOO OFTEN, this is the extent of their education experience, and it is so foreign to the world that they know. Marc Prensky talks about how we are immigrants to their digital world. What are they too our’s?

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Hui, Keung. Dropout Rate, Suspensions on rise in N.C..” The News & Observer [Raleigh]8 Feb 2008: A1.

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Author: David Warlick

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