I’m Done for the Day!

It’s been great to be at home all day — and I’ll be here tomorrow.  Then Brenda and I will fly to NYC on Sunday, and then train up to New Haven, where I’ll be working in three different districts in Connecticut before hopping on another train for Baltimore.  I’d hoped to do some relaxing today but was caught under an avalance at my desk, mostly eminating from my too full e-mail box.  It seemed that as I cautiously tried to slip one message out of the pile, two dozen more would be dislodged, tumbling down and demanding attention.

Some might wonder why I have not yet responded more fully to Matthew Tabor.  I’d hopped to today, but alas, too little time and too little energy.  Perhaps tomorrow.  Until then, as a precursor and if you haven’t read it yet, you might take a look at Matthew’s very well written and considered posts — reactions to my recent short and admitted misleadingly titled article, Another Question for Interviews, at:

I’ve already responded in part with Is the Educational Journal Dead?

I’m planning a more pointed response — perhaps tomorrow!

2¢ Worth!

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