Information Fluency and Web 2.0

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I’m sitting in a spotlight session, being delivered by Joyce Valenza, Information Fluency and Web 2.0.  She’s tlaking about how we blend two ideas, info fluency and these new tools.  Her confession?  She’s actually 1.8.  A few of us are 2.0, but most of us are somewhere between 1 and 2.  This is clever and useful, but I’d like to figure our how to express this as layers.  Web 1 is still here and will nearly always be with us.

She also suggests that we should be bringing our children’s information experiences into the school library.  To do that, the library needs to look like their outside the school information experience.  I’m not sure what that looks like, but you can’t just say, we want you to talk about your video games, and you can bring your Gameboys into our media center.  Joyce’s school would be a great place to visit.

I need to start paying attention.  We too much information and web sites.

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4 thoughts on “Information Fluency and Web 2.0”

  1. David,

    Just thought I would share with you something very ironic this morning. I was sitting in on the ISTE Technology Leadership Forum: The Innovation Exchange at which we were all asked (very strongly) to refrain from using our computers. Given some of the network issues in some of the room, I do understand why they asked for us to refrain. I just found this very ironic and disheartening to be at a technology conference and asked to put away the technology. Since I use my tablet for all my notes, I decided this forum was not for me and left to go to the Blog Café and walk the floor one more time.

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  4. Thank you, David. I find your blog very interesting and enjoyable.

    Joyce Valenza is very insightful as to what is needed in our schools. Building on her idea of bringing the students’ “outside of school information experience” into school libraries, I also believe that it is extremely important for educators at all levels to understand the need to bring parents into the experience as well.

    I envision a day when we have community technology/school-content centers (much like our current public library system) where parents, students, teachers, and teacher trainers have a place to really connect in reaching our common goals of better preparing all children utilizing available technologies.

    At present, many parents feel disconnected from their schools and also from the technology that their children at home and at school. Bringing them into the loop in a relaxed, mutually respectful environment could do wonders for our children.

    There are so many branches that one could take off of this idea that it is really difficult for one person to fathom, but I’m sure there are many people more adept than I to tackle this one.

    Regarding the Leadership Forum: Innovation Exchange… These are the types of problems that undermine the exchange of information and educational progress. Perhaps a perceived threat to some “business” could be blamed for that one. (I really don’t know…just a thought) But we’ve got to overcome this sort of thing and move on…

    When the children prosper, the entire country will prosper as well.

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