NECC is Almost Too Good…

I was just walking through the hall with my friend Yvonne Hallman, and it occurred to me how much learning is going on here.  You’re either in-session or in-world.  You are either having fantastic conversations in the hall, or engaged in one of the poster session or the new lounges.  Right out side the room I’m in right now (B303 Avatars) is what looks like an impromptu session, where people are sitting on the floor, on sofas, standing and leaning.  You can’t turn around here without learning.

3 thoughts on “NECC is Almost Too Good…”

  1. Sounds like this is just an awesome event…. Say hi to my mate Steve from Apple Australia in the Apple booth this year if you are wondering past!! 🙂 What is the international presence like?

  2. A lot of folks from outside the U.S. this year. The International Reception was great. Just too many people to meet and share with in too short a period of time. Wish you were here, Brett…

  3. Hi Dave,

    I’m thinking about your observation “You’re either in-session or in-world.” This is the way that many students view their school experiences. Not that it’s all that bad…perceived reality is what it is. But one thing that seems to be true about highly productive and effective people is that they are able to transition between different environments with incredible fluency. I imagine that is what you and many others experienced at NECC. And I imagine that that fluency has also enabled you and so many others to effectively communicate the ideas and technologies that were presented there.

    I’m not sure how this ability develops in people over time, but I think that it would be a wonderful skill base to share with our children. Some basic requirements for developing this type of fluency might be: exposure to a variety of high quality, safe learning environments, recognition that everything around us is really a learning environment – which makes the exposure issue that much more important, appreciation for all people in general, and a desire to develop our skills of communication with others.

    Thinking about that list (which I’m sure is incomplete because I’m winging it here)…. I’m wondering if we (me, too) make enough of an effort to bring it to the students. It goes way beyond what we call “professional development” or “technology integration” although both of these are integral parts. It seems to be much broader and deeper. I’m not so sure that “less is more” in this regard.

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