What will you be Drinking in Atlanta?

NECC 2007That Educational Mac guy, Kelly Dumont shared with us his NECC agenda yesterday, sipping at the fountain of NECC the sweet flavor of gadgets, Web 2.0, disappearing laptops, 21st century education, more Web 2.0, iEverything — and I think that just gets him through the pre-conference.

So what do you hope to learn at NECC?  No need to list sessions from your Conference Planner — just share in your blogs, tagged with necc, necc07, or necc2007, why you’re going — what you hope to learn.  Let’s start up the conversations by jacking into the networks.  What’s important to us as educators?  What are the conversations we all need to be ready for?

No need to comment here.  Tell us about it in your blogs and podcasts — and don’t forget your tags.

4 thoughts on “What will you be Drinking in Atlanta?”

  1. I am going to learn more about incorporatinf Web 2.0 in the classroom, find out whats new technology and pickup any new resources to bring back and share with my colleagues. I am also hoping to network with a few peers and find out what they do in other schools aroud the country. I am glad have this Blog to visit to help stay on top of things and hope to enjoy a little of Atlanta

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