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Boston Ed Techer, Joe Kidd, forwarded this article to me about a news story that seems to be painting a more sober and optimistic picture of the Internet and our children’s use of it. – Internet safer than it seems:

Fearful parents may conjure up images of trench-coated predators trolling the Web, but the virtual world their teens actually inhabit is more like the soda shop of yesteryear or the mall — a place to hang with friends.

A rash of new studies by Harris Interactive, the PEW Report and a Cal State psychology professor — and a new book by youth culture expert Anastasia Goodstein — say teens are using MySpace, Facebook, et al, to deepen and enrich existing friendships, not to chat with strangers.

A good read — and thanks Joe!

One thought on “Internet Safer…”

  1. Why does the government and media insist on scaring everyone with their constant regulations and “To Catch a Predator ” shows. These are the reasons that about 10 of my 5th graders cannot blog. There parents are scared of their child’s name being on the internet. It’s ridiculous!

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