It’s a pleasure to be working with entire staff of the Prairie Lake Area Education Agency about education today. I suppose that one of the characteristics of this day and time is that geography and zip code mean far less than they ever did before, that there is practically nothing that you can do for anliving in New York City that you can’t do from your home or rent-an-office in Prarrie Lakes.

This all assumes that you have the skills and the knowledge, and the skills to gain the knowledge, to work in a transparent world.

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Hitchhike to PodCamp

The first PodCamp happened this weekend at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston. A BarCamp-style event, podcasters from all over the Boston area (and beyond) came together to geek-out, and learn from each other.

It was one of the most richly blogged and podcasted events I’ve seen on hitchhikr, and it’s be a joy to watch and continue to study. Drew Olanoff, of Drew Olanoff, Unpluggd said,

Media treats us like numbers. New Media treats us like people.

Drew Olanoff, Unpluggd. » podcamp – the revolution WILL be televised…on the net.

Read that and think about what kids think about today!

Catch the conference on hitchhikr at hitchhike to PodCamp Boston. The conference also made excellent use of a wiki for their conference web site with a page devoted to recordings made at the conference. Have a visit.

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