Another one of those trips

Sunset outside the Hilton over snow capped trees

I started out this morning about 17 miles closer to my final destination than we’d originally intended.  With the major snow Raleigh got yesterday (reportedly 6 inches), we decided to get me a room near the airport for the night — so that I could rely on the Hilton shuttle driver to get me the final mile at 5:00 in the morning, instead of Brenda having to drive me 18 miles at 4:00 in the morning. 

I’m not very happy about it, because I was supposed to be at home for a full 24 hours, before setting out again, and I won’t be back until next Wednesday. 

At any rate, its time to turn forward to a week of excitement.  It starts in San Francisco with the TRLD conference (Technology, Reading, and Learning Diversities).  It’s an interesting conference that I’ve been a part of several times.  What’s unique is that everyone comes out.  Everybody, it seems, has a learning disability, and this is where they talk about it.  There’s also a lot of cool assistive tech and the conference, in a sense, is like a family.  A lot of the people who attend come back every year.  Spending a few days in San Francisco also has its appeal.

Then I’m rushing back to the east coast for one day of Educon.  As a writer said last year, in an article about FETC, Florida’s blockbuster conference, “All the cool people are in Philadelphia, at Educon.”  I want to be where the cool people are. 

Then, it’s the train down to Virginia for an heads of school conference put on by the Virginal Association of Independent Schools.  Really looking forward to that one (See What is the Purpose of Education).

Getting ready to board, so I’ll post this now.  More to come, I’m sure…

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Educon Bound

I just learned that my session proposal for Educon 2.1 has now been scheduled, 2:30 to 4:00 on Sunday (Jan 25).  I didn’t even know for sure that I would be able to attend until yesterday, when Brenda worked out my transportation.  I’ll be at the TRLD conference in San Francisco until mid-day on Saturday.  She has me flying across that evening, where I spend the remaining hours in a hotel in downtown Philadelphia.  Then, bright and early to educon on Sunday.  She also arranged a train trip for the next day to Western Virginia for the Virginia Association of Independent Schools Heads of Schools Conference in Hot Springs.

I’m more than a little disappointed at what I’ll miss while I am facilitating my session, not the mention by missing the first two days of the conference.  How could you not be disappointed at missing anything at Educon.  I probably shouldn’t have proposed anything at all, but so rarely do you get a chance to do a purely unconference session.  Still, the rooms will be a buzz with bleed-throughs from the previous days, and it will all be thouroghly blogged.

There are so many ways to see how exceptional this conference will be.  But perhaps the most interesting way is to scan through the list of attendees.  Those who have listed themselves on the wiki will be coming from 18 states, two provinces of Canada, and Victoria, Australia.  He’ll certainly win a prize.

The image to the left is a collage of photos taken at last year’s Educon and uploaded by attendees to Flickr.  You can see other photos and blog entries from last year’s event and the upcoming Educon 2.1 at the conference Hitchhikr page.

Hope to see you at the Science Leadership Academy, 23-25 January.  I’ll be there on the 25th.