Loads of Bloggers

EduBlogs LogoThis morning (Australia time), EduBlogs chief, James Farmer announced that he is now hosting over 100,000 bloggers on Edublogs.

What more can I say, last week we passed 100,000 edublogs and we’re extremely happy about it 🙂

Of course this isn’t even a drop in the bucket, compared with all of the teachers out there, and that’s not to say that everyone should be blogging.  But considering the barriers that remain in many parts of the world to blogging, the lack of awareness that still exists among, what I would judge to be a vast majority of educators, the continuing lack of reliable bandwidth that schools, even in the richest communities, I think that this is an astounding feat.

I think that it would be interesting to see a breakdown of these users.  Head back over the the EduBlogs post and offer a congratulations to James.

What Would You Say?

Over the next few weeks, I will have an opportunity to speak at a number of school board association conferences across the U.S. For those of you outside the U.S., our school boards of education are most frequently the principal body of governance for our schools. They are made up of representatives from the community who campaign and gain their position by citizen voting during general elections.

I’ll be delivering one of my standard addresses, but would also like to share comments from education practitioners — from you. What would you say to a group of school board members, in the interest of promoting progressive schools — and you have only that 10 second elevator ride?

I’m asking for a one sentence comment here, on 2¢ Worth. If you would like to contribute something longer to this conversation, please write a blog entry with your message and tag your entry with “sbe_comments” or include “sbe_comments” in the body of your blog article. I will be aggregating these entries and making appropriate messages available to my audiences.