Principals Leadership Conference

Principals Leadership Conference

I’ve arrived very early to speak at the Principals Leadership Conference, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Last night Brenda and I wandered around downtown Charlotte looking for a restaurant, and I was very impressed with what a beautiful city it has become.

This morning, I will be talking about technology, information, and literacy. This afternoon, I will lead a discussion about technology concerns, barriers, solutions, and the changing nature of information.

The theme of the conference is NASCAR, which I’m very comfortable with, having grown up only about 30 miles from here.

I suspect that the time has come, during the summer months, where many teachers are beginnning to think about the coming school year. I’m curious about this prossess today, in the new information environment. How ha it changed, now that we have access to so much information? h How has it changed in terms of the content and skills that we teach in this rapidly changing world? Please comment.

I’d love to hear your 2 cents worth.

Principals Leadership Conference

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