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I have just posted a new Connect Learning podcast, episode 80.  The recordings were made at the TRLD Conference (Technology Reading & Learning Diversity) in San Francisco last week.  — or was it the week before?  It includes some conversations we had during a Web 2.0 workshop about what’s being bandied around as School 2.0.  This part is short, but it is interesting to hear some of the perspectives of people who attend a conference about learning diversities.

The second, longer part of the podcast is a conversation about Literacy.  The TRLD conference holds a Community of Learners event each year, where several round tables are set up, each dedicated to a particular issue of teaching and learning in the twenty-first century.  My table of tech people, researchers, librarians, business people, Sarah Armstrong, and Don Johnson.  There is a lot of discussion that probably extends away from basic literacy, but in the end, I reported the following definition, about which we found consensus.

Literacy in the 21st century includes all skills involved in learning to learn, learning to build with what you’ve learned, and to express compelling what you have built, utilizing all modalities of sense and expression, within today’s rich information landscape.

Not much different from any definition of literacy at any time.  It’s just that the skills have changed, as one of the teachers said here in Shanghai said the other day.

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