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See You in San Francisco

Brenda and I are leaving tomorrow morning for San Francisco and the TRLD conference, at the Hyatt Regency.  I’ve attended and worked this conference a few times, and it is one of the best small gatherings I have experienced.  This is partly because of the range of interests.  The TRLD stands for Technology, Reading, and Learning Disabilities.  Another reason why the conference is so good, is that many of the attendees come back, year after year.  It is something of a community of educators from across the U.S. and I’ve made some great friends here.

Anyway, if you will be attending TRLD and blogging it, I have set up Hitchhiker with trld07 as the tag.  So tag your blogs with trld07 and if you’ll be taking pictures and uploading them to flickr, tag them as well.

So you in SF.

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  • http://www.teachingeverystudent.blogspot.com Karen Janowski

    I’m presenting at TRLD on Saturday and will look for you. It is a great conference for those of us in the field of technology for struggling learners!


  • http://anne.teachesme.com Anne Davis

    Hi Dave,
    I am so excited as I will also be attending this conference. I signed up for your workshop – hope I got in! I love the content of the conference and I’m looking forward to the learning! See you in San Francisco!

  • http://edtechvalley.blogspot.com Kyle Brumbaugh


    I won’t be attending, but if you get the chance, send an e-mail and come by school. Capuchino is only 1 mile from San Francisco Airport and 10 miles from downtown.


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