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FETC Almost Snook By Me

Not much happening in Orland on the Flickr front this year.  This picture was actually taken at last year’s conference by Steve Dembo.

I just took a quick gander at Hitchhikr, and saw that FETC is in full swing.  I’m not there, obviously, but some great presenters are: Will Richardson, Kathy Schrock, and Alan November to mention only a few who’ve been blogged already.  The blog listing was a bit skimpy until I changed the tag from fetc07 to just fetc

Special Thanks to Langwitches (German born and Argentine raised U.S. educator, Silvia Tolisano), for posting on a number of presentations.  You can follow the hubbub  of activities and photos at the FETC Hitchhikr page.

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Steve, Dembo. “EIMG1187.” Teach42′s Phostream. 27 Mar 2006. 25 Jan 2007 <http://www.flickr.com/photos/teach42/118928083/>.

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  • http://tnturner.edublogs.org Tom Turner

    Hey David. I’ve been paying special attention to your blog to see if your were going to make a special appearance or not. I would have loved to sit in on one of your sessions as I’ve not been as lucky to have experienced that. Alan November was a Eye-Opener Session speaker today followed by Kathy Schrock. Leaving Alan’s session really makes your head hurt as he really makes you think hard. Sometimes for me that’s a bad thing, but I do enjoy the cerebralness to his sessions.

    Also presenting this year is Hall Davidson. Had the pleasure to meet him this summer at a Discovery Leadership Conference in Silver Spring, MD. I’ve not had much chance to take pictures of everything, but seeing your image and caption I will work hard about getting some tomorrow to post up on Flickr.

  • http://elgg.net/mechelledc/weblog/ Mechelle De Craene

    Hi Dave,

    No worries that FETC almost snook you by. : ) It will be on podcast. I found out while attending. It is so hard to choose sometimes which speaker to attend. Glad they are podcasting. Here is the link for the ’06 podcast until the ’07 are up.

    http://web.mac.com/fetc06/iWeb/FETC 2006/34DEEBE5-A6A2-4BC0-A75D-2C38A91BD4DB/5977DC7A-634B-4804-861D-A4F68ACF5A91.html

    Best Wishes,

Photo taken by Ewan McIntosh in a Taxi in Shanghai

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