FETC Almost Snook By Me

Not much happening in Orland on the Flickr front this year.  This picture was actually taken at last year’s conference by Steve Dembo.

I just took a quick gander at Hitchhikr, and saw that FETC is in full swing.  I’m not there, obviously, but some great presenters are: Will Richardson, Kathy Schrock, and Alan November to mention only a few who’ve been blogged already.  The blog listing was a bit skimpy until I changed the tag from fetc07 to just fetc

Special Thanks to Langwitches (German born and Argentine raised U.S. educator, Silvia Tolisano), for posting on a number of presentations.  You can follow the hubbub  of activities and photos at the FETC Hitchhikr page.

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Steve, Dembo. “EIMG1187.” Teach42’s Phostream. 27 Mar 2006. 25 Jan 2007 <http://www.flickr.com/photos/teach42/118928083/>.

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