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Science Education BloggingThis is the last session, and the topic is education, science, and blogging. The presenters are with PBS NewsHour. I’m having a hard time hearing what they are saying. They are demonstrating some of their programming and the Online NewsHour with transcripts.

An interesting question has just been asked… How do we make our blogs ready for teachers and students to use? The question is not yet being addressed, but that is interesting. Standby!

Is the number concern with teaching Science Accuracy or is it process. Boy this erupted into a great conversation, that I, unfortunately got involved in. My comment was, that along with everything else that was mentioned, we teach science to make our students care! When students are writing about their research in a blog, knowing that other classmates will be reading it, they become responsible for the writing, and they should care more about accuracy, and everything else that was mentioned.

Interestingly, at the end of the Jean-Claude session, he mentioned how effective and accurate the Wikipedia is, and there was a pretty enthusiastic agreement among the scientists who were in the audience.

The presenter is now asking for their favorite web sites.

  • http://usda.gov
  • Various telescopes have excellent web sites
  • http://Science-house.org
  • http://moodle.com
  • http://globe.gov
  • http://maps.google.com not to mention Google Earth
  • http://teachersdomain.org

Ok, he’s asked that question again. Answers were:

  • documentation,
  • read science teacher blogs, and become a part of their conversations with each other
  • look to standards
  • Get listed on NC WiseOwl
  • Write to high school and middle school science teachers, in an effort to help them keep abreast of the issues they may be teaching.

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