Pictures from Eastern North Carolina

The Landmark Project is taking a few days off and enjoying one of our favorite little towns, Beaufort, North Carolina.  It is the second oldest town in the state (1709) and many of the old 18th century homes are available for rent, but we’re in a smaller more contemporary house about a mile down Front street from downtown.  I was supposed to rain most of the time where were here, so we didn’t mind the distance.  As it is, I’d enjoy being closer in to do more wandering and shopping — a wonderful Italian Ceramic shop we always spend money in.

Anyway, here are just a few of the pictures I’ve taken on our trip.  You can click them to get the larger view directly in flickr.

baldeagles Two of several bald eagles we saw around Lake Mattamuskeet, near Swan Quarter, North Carolina.
cormorant This is a Cormorant I took a bunch of pictures of while he was hunting. Then he took off, and smooth water beneath his wings captivated me.
tundraswans1 The reason that we went to Lake Mattamuskeet was the Tundra Swans. They fly down from northern Canada and Alaska to winter on several wetlands of the central east coast of the U.S. This enormous natural lake is the largest winter habitate for these magnificent birds. They make a lot of racket too.
tundraswans2 More Tundra Swans on the water — one in a rather embarrassing pose in the background.
sunrise A sun rise worth getting up early for.
sunrise2 More of the sunrise.

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