Stop with the Magnifying Glass

Geek Index is pretty high on this one!

You know how frustrating it is when you want to respond to somebody’s blog posting with your well thoughtout disertation, but the scrolling text box is only 14 columns by 2 rows?  Well The Man in Blue, Austrialian web designer, Cameron Adams, just showed me a way around that problem in FormTextResizer: Bookmarket for resizing textarea and text fields.

Just right-click on the link at the very bottom of this post, and save it as a bookmarklet, preferably in your links bar at the top of your browser.

Now, when you encounter one of this impossibly small textarea boxes, just click your resizing bookmarklet, and then slide your pointer over the text box and then to the end or lower right hand corner of a text box.  You will be able to make single line textboxes longer or shorter, and stretch or shrink scrolling textboxes.

Cool Beans!

I adapted the link into my comment.php file in the Theme folder for my WordPress installation to create a Click to resize the Textbox link beneath the comments text box for my blog.  Comment on this blog and try it out.

Adams, Cameron. “FormTextResizer: Bookmarklet for Resizing Textareas and Text Fields.” [Weblog The Man in Blue] 25 Aug 2006. 29 Dec 2006 <>.

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