The Next Generation of Gaming

Microsoft’s Dan’l Lewin posts in his AlwaysOn blog, a rather long piece on what’s next in video games.  It is largely a Microsoft commercial, but uncovers some of the emerging trends in the video game industry.

Gaming — The Next Generation Moves On | AlwaysOn:

Gaming is clearly one of the trend stories of the decade. It is making an impact on our lives no matter where we are — in our living rooms in front of the TV, on our cell phones, working at our PC, and coming to a portable media player near you. The next level of gaming is here, and it is being driven by three converging trends: high-definition gaming; on-demand, online gaming; and social entertainment. So hold on, and get ready for a screaming fast, gaming experience.

One part that intrigued me was they way that gaming will cross platforms as..

A gamer starts a connected game on her Xbox at home, continues it on the cell phone in the cab on the way to the airport, and finishes it up on the plane by plugging into the armrest.

Imagine a day where student work (instructional play) starts a school on the laptop or on an interactive video wall, continues on the students cell phone (pocket information appliance), and includes work on the family’s TV (home entertainment system).  Perhaps even the microwave can play a part?

Well, I just don’t know, but it’s clear to me that it’s in our devices, that the information will be — and recognizing and adapting to this trend is crucial to educating today’s children for their future.

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