Teachers’ tech use on the rise

According to a recent survey, conducted by Quality Education Data (QED) and commissioned by CDW-G,

Roughly 86 percent of U.S. teachers say computer technology has changed the way they teach at least some, and more than half (55 percent) say it has impacted their instruction “a great deal,” according to a new survey commissioned by CDW-G.

eSchool News online – Teachers’ tech use on the rise

Having respondents identify their level of technology skill by choosing between advanced, intermediate, or a beginner, is problematic. But I believe that it is telling that only 3% considered themselves beginners. It shows an increasing degree of confidence among educators.

Yet, it’s not all good news. Thirty-one percent of the surveyed teachers said that they had received no technology staff development in the last 12 months. Access continues to be an issue, and the survey indicates that teachers want more access. Fifty-one percent of the teachers believed that a one-to-one ratio of students to computers is ideal. Ten percent said that have such a ratio. Last year it was only eight percent.

Down since 2004, 81% of teachers said that academic performance improved with the use of computers, and more than half said technology helped students to think creatively. Still…

only 58 percent think computers are somewhat or very effective when used to improve performance on standardized tests.

Read Teachers’ Tech Use on the Rise, when you have a chance.

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Author: David Warlick

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