I'm HomeI’m home from NCETC (hh) — and home for the year. My bag is unpacked and stuffed away in my closet (first time in months). My dog recognizes me again, and Brenda actually sat and watched a little TV with me last night. My laptop is still stowed away in its bag, and it may stay there for another day. I’m ready to relax, and to fill my days with some reading and writing, a little programming, some lunches with Brenda, holiday shopping, a few movies, no pizzas, lots of cholesterol walks, and I could just go on! I’d better enjoy this, because late winter looks like wall of pain — and lots of fantastic opportunities to work with educators from Virginia to Shanghai, and interesting points in between.

David Warlick Talking about Video Games in Education
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NCETC was great, though more than a little exhausting with four workshops and seven breakout sessions. I tried two new presentations. One on video games and education really seemed to excite people — even a handful who came in as skeptics, admitted afterward that they had a lot to think about. The session still needs some refinement, but I think it’s a keeper.

I also did a new session on wikis. I’ve often done quick demos of wikis, and quite often provided wiki pages for attendees to use to record their notes for everyone to access. But this was the first time I’d done a complete session or workshop on the topic. I have to say that I was surprised at the level of excitement and the light bulb ideals I saw floating in the air. One of the breakouts did get a bit sidetracked by Wikipedia. Many still think that wikis are about Wikipedia.

I also did some changes in my Web 2.0 session. I don’t know if other Web 2.0 presenters are struggling with this, but it seems that the audiences’ knowledge and experiences with these tools is broadening — and handling that is difficult. In one of the wiki sessions I had people who didn’t know what a wiki is, and people who wanted me to demonstrate how to install a wiki engine on your web server.

Anyway, it’s been a fabulous year of teaching and learning!

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