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eSchool News has announced a resource page for “Building Digital Communication Skills for the 21st-Century Workforce.”

Educators, economists, and forecasters all agree on the growing importance of so-called “21st-century skills” in the workplace. While reading, writing, and arithmetic will always form the foundation of any solid education, digital communication and media literacy are on the verge of being elevated to the same level of importance. In addition to requiring advanced skills in reading and math, the employers of tomorrow are going to require a high degree of digital and multimedia fluency.

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As little as we know about the future for which we are preparing our students, it is clear that it will be a place that is governed by information. Accessing, processing, building with, and communicating that information will be a major part of our daily personal and professional tasks.

Being literate in this future will certainly involve the ability to read, write, and do basic arithmetic. However, the concept of literacy in the 21st century will be far richer and more comprehensive than the 3 Rs of the one room school house.

Well, it’s not just about workforce, but I found the first paragraph of their page a bit of an echo for the description of a keynote address that I’ve been presenting for over five years. Better late than never,and certainly better now than later.

There is some good reading here that I’ve started, and will come back to later this week. I was especially happy to hear about Voc-Ed monies being funneled back into education, despite efforts by the Bush administration to send the money elsewhere. There are also some words from David Thornburg..

The main thing that’s holding technology back is … a fear–a well-placed fear,I might add–that if technology becomes ubiquitous, it will totally transform the practice of education. There are a lot of people who don’t want the practice of education transformed, because they’re very comfortable with it.

It appears to be a collection of writings and reports about efforts to bend schools toward 21st century teaching and learning. This is a very good conversation for us to be witnessing.

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