An Interesting Mash-Up

OK, this is kinda cool.

Enter a zip code anywhere in the United States:

Following the Dollars: Map Political Campaign Contributions in Your Area

It’s a mash-up that scraps data from The Fundrace Project, which features data on funding of political campaigns. With Follow the Dollars, you enter your/a zip code and then gives you a number of graphs indicating the amount of money being donated to the Republican party from that area, and donated to the Democrats. You can also view a map, with pens for places from which money has been donated.

I’m happy to see that my neighborhood is leaning in the “correct” direction.

A mashup is a web site that takes data from one or more other web sites, and then does something with the data to add value. My Hitchhikr site is a mashup, of sorts. It takes information from Technorati searches and from flickr, and creates pages listing blog postings and fickr images from registered conferences.

My favorite mashup is BuzzTracker. It scraps data from Google News, and then creates a map of the world indicating where news it happening at that moment. Very cool!

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