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I had such plans for a good night’s sleep, after getting so few hours the night before. But this School Library Journal Summit just has me going. I woke up at 3:00 (4:00 AM my time, to be fair), with brainstorms going off in my head. The thunderbolts got so loud that they woke my wife, and I had to retreat to the Drake Room, the site of our summit work, where I could continue to think and also to feed off of the free WiFi here.

Chris Harris challenged us at the end of our meeting yesterday, to come up with a definition of Library 2.0. I would suggest that we expand this assignment. Instead of a definition, perhaps what might be even more useful, and easier to construct as a group, is a Library 2.0 manifesto, The L2 Manifesto.

It would include a basic definition, but would be followed by a list of statements, or theses, that describe the functions of library 2.0 and the librarian 2.0.

This is probably a figment of too little sleep and delusions of grandure that come with staying in The Drake Hotel. My dad would say I’m, “in high cotton!”.

Chris Harris just came down and he liked the idea of a manifesto. However, what SLJ is looking forware are three or four opportunity statements. This is a good thing to get from a two day meeting. The manifesto will continue to be discussed. Stay tuned to a wiki near you.

I like it when my ideas are validated by really smart people who have already thought of them. Michael Stephen, one of yesterday’s SLJ Summit panels, e-mailed me, pointing to an existing L20 Manifesto. Read it!

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