Frustration over the New Web

Twice in the past couple of weeks, I have tried to facilitate Web 2.0 sessions into open discussions, in an attempt to mirror read/write web styles of collaboration. Both times, including a roundtable discussion I participated in yesterday in Seattle, the discussions were almost exclusively about overcoming the barriers to implementing blogging, podcasting, and other applications. I had all kinds of little tips and tricks up my sleaves to while them with, but educators who want to use the tools as educators are deeply frustrated. They are frustrated and angry at their administrators, at their network administrators, at parents who are afraid, and at the federal government.

Three times, yesterday, I encountered a sense of real anxiety and a fear that a clock is ticking, that if things do not turn around very quickly, dire consequences lie ahead. Do you feel like a clock is ticking?

When I suggest that things should turn around, what do I mean? What does that look like?

Let me just suggest this for your reaction. Would vouchers be a bad thing, if public schools were freed up to compete? What if all public schools could act like charter schools?

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Author: David Warlick

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