SLJ Leadership Summit

Last week, I asked people to answer this question:

What happens to libraries and librarians when virtually all of the information that we need on a daily basis is only a mouse-click away?

I had alterior motives for posing this thinking activity. Today, I will be attending the School Library Journal’s 2end Leadership Summit. The attendees of the summit will

be rolling up our sleeves and exploring the rapid changes occurring in education; the impact of these changes on learners and educators in the 21st century; and the changing role of the school media specialist in this new landscape.

We’ll be asking you to react to speaker and panel presentations, synthesize information, and collaborate to create vision—and action—statements that respond to these cultural shifts. But don’t worry, we’ll be feeding you too!

It’s an amazing opportunity for me to listen to information professionals who are there treat their libraries like a set of egos, to take thins apart, and put them back together again, to explore new shapes, new structures, and new ways to serve citizens of an information age. If you have more to add, please return back to the original post, or add your comments here about the future of the library.

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Author: David Warlick

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