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How do you know you’re in Maine?

  1. The first thing attendees to your workshop ask is, “Do we have WiFi?”
  2. Teachers are checking their students work, during the workshop, on their comput’a.
  3. When you insist on tech support for your hands-on workshop, and none was needed.
  4. When, in a workshop, everytime you ask, “How many of you have done this before…?” and nearly every hand goes up.
  5. When two members of your workshop organize their own workshops in the back of the room.
  6. They don’t give out a conference bag at conference registration, because everyone’s going to be carrying a computer bag anyway.
  7. The former governor of the state is attending an education conference.
  8. Nearly everything that people say, and an easy-going, slow, mumbly sort of way, carries wisdom!
  9. When you had to fly in a little soapbox derby sort of plane to step into the future.
  10. When you start to feel optimistic, and think, “You know, we may just be able to turn this thing around.” then you know your in Maine!

Way more than two pennies!

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  • David Jakes

    Outstanding post and a great way to start my day. There is hope! Thanks.

  • http://cherrieland.blogspot.com cherrie

    That’s cool. Wish I could be there.
    They should have designated web cams to people and I could be a ‘web cam + sound’ and follow that person’s journey through the day (on their shoulder, on a geeky hat, perching off a breast pocket…) and have conversations with them about how it went and what not. And switch between ‘camera-angles’ .. i.e. different participants.
    That would be cool.
    Actually, am over my datacap for the month again, so can’t download anything useful. Gr. Limitations.
    I want my 21st celebration (a big thing here to celebrate your birthday, appreciate your friends, family, etc, etc – excuse to have a good party) to be like that, as to include all my overseas friends and relatives… one can only dream!

  • http://www.youthplay-org.blogspot.com A.R. Linder

    Sounds like you could have been in Georgia. Except that we use a comput’uuuu.

  • http://onlineprojects4teachers.com/wordpress/ Jennifer W

    I agree that this posting was worth WAY more than 2 cents — so much more.

    This has been the nicest blog I have read in a very long time — and I am glad it started my morning.

    Wish I was there.
    Say hi to Cheryl please.


  • http://thinklab.typepad.com/think_lab/ Christian Long

    David, David, David…we Mainers grow up with the “You can’t get thaaaya from heeya” smirk on our faces whenever anyone asks for directions as they cross the Maine border. I think, however, you’ve managed in one fell swoop to leapfrog over that comedic irony and suggest in oh-so-definite terms that Maine may in fact have the School 2.0 roadmap firmly in hand…and is willing to offer anyone directions should they ask with the right intention.

    Growing up in central Maine, I remember in the mid-80′s learning to type on a real typewriter (check the museums, kiddos) while a wacky teacher down the hall tried to convince a few kids that plotting dots on a Radio Shack ‘computer’ was the wave of the future. I kick myself for only learning to type quickly on the manual keyboard, and failing to realize the potential in that ‘other’ room (we know call them computer labs). As I find myself craving the opportunity to move back to Maine, to raise my newly born son in the woods and on the coastal waterways, I think that the School 2.0 potential for his future learning may in many ways be the real offering if we are lucky enough to make our way back up 95 into Vacationland.

    What a combination. Living in a place where learning to chop wood and stack a cord or three while simultaneously taking WiFi laptop access for granted!

    Cheers…and thanks for telling us that you can in fact “get thaaya from heeya!”


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