Big Weekend

I can’t really get my mind on work, as much as I have to do. My NECC proposals aren’t in yet, I have much more work to do on the K12 Online Conference address. I have two recorded interveiws to make into podcastes, and all I can think about is a weekend off. Yepeee!

Brenda and I will leave in a couple of hours for the six-hour drive up into the mountains of North Carolina to visit with our daughter at WCU and to enjoy the Mountain Heritage Festival. We both graduated from that fine institution about thirty years ago, and we are both looking forward to walking the campus again. Much has changed about the university, but they haven’t moved one single mountain.

Added Later: I wonder if I can still clog! Of course the last time both of my feet left the ground at the same time was during the Reagan Administration 😉

Here’s a great little video of the festival.

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