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OK, I can hear it now, stone carvers, chisel in hand, hollering to those new scribes with their papyrus, “What if there’s a fire! har har har har!”

It seems that history is full of instances where advancement in information technologies have been resisted and even ridiculed, and on rare occasions, by educators. Karl Fisch has done it again, an emerging slideshow artist is preparing another mesmerizing staff development for his teachers. Last night, his latest Fischbowl asked, “What if…

When teachers returned this fall we received an email with this sign as an attachmentand a suggestion that we print and post if we wanted.

    Turn off and put away all Cell Phones, iPods, and Electronic Devices during class!

Shortly thereafter many of these signs popped up outside and inside classrooms.

The Fischbowl

It is important that we bereminded — shown a mirror to see — what is human nature. We’re comfortablewalking to the end of the board. But jumping off takes courage. Being ateacher is being courageous.

Brilliant, Karl! I foundthis one every bit as moving as the last.

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