Reintroducing "Discussion Boards”

They’re old school, old web, but I think they should come back.  Blogs are fantastic for publishing (and conversation) and wikis are nearly perfect for collaboration (and conversation).  But the web application that was designed explicitly for conversation was discussion boards, and they’ve been with us for a long time.

I spent a little time this weekend downloading and installing phpBB (php is the programming language and bb stands for Bulleting Board) on my web server.  It seems that there may be ways to integrate discussion boards in with blogging.  It is often that the aspects of our blog postings are so complex that some people comment on one aspect, others comment on another, and blogging software is simply not designed to facilitate these sorts of threaded discussions.  It’s what discussion boards do.

I’ve run into what I think is a perfect example.  A couple of days ago, I published an appeal for specific ideas on how we might restructure the field of education (classroom, procedures, resources, etc.) in the same way that we are trying so hard to develop best practice.

Mattandi responded with a list that I was so impressed with, that I thought each deserved some comment and conversation.  So, I’ve established a topic on the discussion board for each of his items, including the titles below.  You can click the item you want to read and comment on, or click here to got to the entire list.  You will have to register to the discussion board in order to post a reply.

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