Pluto? How do you Know?

SolorsystemIt’s 6:06 AM on August 25, 2006, and today, we only have eight planets orbiting the Solar System. How do we know. We go to Wikipedia, and look up Solar System. There it says:
Major features of the solar system (not to scale). Featuring the Sun, eight planets, asteroid belt, a trans-Neptunian object and a comet.

Now I’m not saying that Wikipedia is THE place to go to do your research. I am say, thought, that this is what the Wikipedia is good at — having more up-to-date information than more traditional sources of information.

This development also indicates once again why we should be spending more effort teaching our children to find the facts, and less effort teaching them to memorize the facts.

2¢ Worth!

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“Solar System.” Wikipedia. 25 Aug 2006. WikiMedia. 25 Aug 2006 <>.

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Author: David Warlick

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