Examples, you say?

Sarasota, Florida teacher, Mr. Chase, posted a long and very interesting post (So Much) in his Mr. Chase’s Blog yesterday about the first few days of school with students who seem to have ubiquitous access to computers. It was a joy to read of such enthusiasm during the first days of a new school year and a generation of children moving one more year toward their future. It’s a great read.
At the end, he says…

One of my frustrations when listening to the podcasts and presentations of folks like David Warlick and Will Richardson is that I want examples, I want lessons and projects, I want to see what’s going on with the people who have been there.

Coincidentally, I spent a little time, while laid over in the Minneapolis airport yesterday, creating a new blog. I just can’t believe I’m doing this to myself. It’s called Best Practices in Blogging. A little grandiose for nothing more than some suggestions for making use of weblogs in the classroom. I’m planning, at this point, to try to post a suggestion a day, each day concentrating on one subject area.

Logo-1I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep that up, but I agree with Mr. Chase. I recognize that these high minded ideas are just entertainment unless they result in some impact on the classroom the next day. So yesterday’s blog is about health, since I got dinged by member of my audience in South Dakota the other day. She pointed out that I mentioned, in my presentation, all subject areas except for Health & PE. Ding!
I’m also tagging the entries so that they should show up in the Support Education wiki page on Best Practices. If you write a blog entry about instructional applications for weblogs, tag it with “bloggingbestpractice”.

By the way, I’m using eLGG for this blog, just to try to acquaint myself more with this environment.

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