A Casual Blog Commute

A nagging concern about the new web continues to haunt me. It’s one of the points that EPIC 2014 makes so well. It is our tendency to attract only those sources of information that agree with our world view, causing us to echo-chamber ourselves into information environments that may further polarize society.

During a conversation at NECC with Technology & Learning Magazine’s Editor & Chief, Susan McLester, she told me about a practice in the San Francisco Bay Area (and probably other areas) called Casual Carpooling. You park at the local BART station, but rather than getting on the train, you wait in a line for a car. The cars are driven by commuters who want to take the fast track (commuter lanes) into the city, but need two more riders to qualify. So when the next car comes up, you and the next person in line get in and you find yourself commuting into town and casually conversing with two complete strangers. What an amazing opportunity to be exposed to new perspectives, and to have your perspective stretched.

I think it would be interesting to have a web app, that allows you to click a button, and have the latest blog entries of two other bloggers randomly selected for you. You read them and then must comment by agreeing with some aspect of what they are saying. No disagreements, just finding common ground to think about and describe.

2¢ Worth

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Author: David Warlick

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